The Session


At Suncoast Pets Professional Photography we know that portraits of your beloved furry family members are just as treasured as the love you share with them.  We understand that because we are pet parents too. What sets us apart in the world of pet photography is that we bring over twenty years of professional portrait and commercial photography experience to the sessions. Our love of pets and the beautiful relationships they share with us is what brought us to transition our skill, experience and professional photography knowledge to the world of pet portraiture. 

Our sessions are fun, relaxed and creative. We take time to get to know your companion and to form a comfortable, gentle interaction with them. We don't use a lot of props and silly outfits in our sessions because we want to capture the true beauty and personality of your furkids. We know firsthand that the looks, gestures, playful moments and quite glances are what melt your heart and remind you of just how much you love and are loved by your best friend.

Sessions are often at locations such as parks or favorite nature areas but can also be at your home or the beach. We bring all the equipment needed to make sure that whatever location you select is the perfect place for our time together.