Giving Back.........


At Suncoast Pet Photography we feel strongly about the importance of Rescue and Adoption and also about the dignity of our family members at the end of their time with us.  For this reason we offer two unique services that we feel are crucial to complete our purpose, vision and mission in our journey.


Celebration of Life Session

We know that the time we spend with our beloved pets is precious. They are a part of our family and each of them bring something so unique, loving and timeless to our lives. When the time comes and they are near the end of their journey with us it is crucial to remember that time as well in as positive a way as possible. To accomplish this Suncoast Pet Photography will provide an end of life session for any pet that is terminally ill or been given a limited expectancy by a veterinarian. There will be NO cost for this session and we will come to your location at a time that is best suited for the comfort and peace of your best friend.  We will spend some time in a relaxed, non invasive way, capturing the love between you and the unspoken bond that binds you. After the session we will edit the images and provide you with two 8 x 10 prints from the session as well as several of the digital files to use as you like. Again, there is NO cost for this session or the prints....EVER!


Rescue and Adoption Session

Each year, tens of thousands of pets are abandoned, neglected or worse. This is unacceptable in our society today! These animals deserve better, they ask nothing more than to be loved and cared for responsibly by their humans.  To that end, we feel strongly about the rescue and adoption of animals. If you have adopted a rescued animal from a shelter or rescue group, you have already helped this cause. To celebrate that, if you book a session with us for your new friend we will donate fifty dollars *($50) of your session fee to the rescue of your choice in your pets name.  We feel this is a great way for the animals who have been blessed with a forever home to help those still looking.

*proof of adoption within three months prior to the session will be required to quality for the donation.